This is my Family Tree that my Father and his brothers made a few years back. My Grandpa Georges Ancestry is highlighted in Yellow and my Grandma Gloria’s Ancestry is highlighted in Pink.



Smock- Dutch

McGin – Irish

Cooney – Irish



Churchill- English





These attached Images are more information about Weston and the defense, My Grandpa Georges discharge information, and a love letter between Julia Cooney and Edgar Haynes. They were the parents of George Perry Haynes I.


I grew up in a town called Lynbrook on the South shore of Long Island NY. Having two other sisters my household was very hectic growing up. My family is almost 100% Italian. Both my parents are catholic but I went to a public school around the block from my house. My town was very small, I lived in a one bathroom house with no backyard and three dogs. Growing up I traveled a lot with my family and also on my own. I traveled to Italy, Europe and California all before I ever came to college. New York is a beautiful place, with amazing seasons all except the winter! I went to Lynbrook High school and hated my experience. The school did not prepare me for college in any shape or form. At the age of 15 my dad decided to build a summer house in East Long Island. My sisters and I, grew up in that house and made so many memories fishing on the Long Island sound and exploring the town of Greenport. After I graduated from High school my parents decided to move on the North shore of Long Island. This was a major adjustment in my life because I was going off to college and moving into a brand new house at the same time. The reason I came to Tampa is because my older sister went here. The minute I came and visited her I fell in love with the school. Being so far away from my family and always having her here made me feel as if I was home. I love being here on my own but I definitely miss Long Island Pizza and Bagels and the changing of the seasons. I will always be a New Yorker at heart, especially with my driving habits! My family is my everything, I don’t know where I would be without them or who I would be. The choices I make here in Tampa reflect who I am and my origins. 

This Timeline goes as far back as Captain William Weston. I am the 6th great granddaughter of Weston. He defended Plymouth Harbor against British attack in the Revolutionary War. According to Cousin Eleanor, I can join the Daughter’s of the American Revolution with this documentation.  

Selfie Assignment:

According to James Franco’s, The Meaning of the Selfie in the NY Times, Selfies are the best way to express what your feeling, what your doing and where you are. Franco is accused of taking way too many selfies on Instagram and is called the “Selfie King”. People strive to see the celebrity selfie, this intimate shot brings so much attention to that person. Other celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashion and Miley Cyrus are OBSESSED with posting pictures of themselves. But by doing this, the celebrities are letting us into there private life and basically showing who they really are. For my selfie assignment I decided to put selfies of me and my dogs. I put a different Facebook emoji over my face in each picture. These pictures tell a lot about my life. I have three dogs at home that I’m in love with. Whenever I’m happy or sad or angry I always seem to take a selfie with my dogs. Its funny to see the expression my dogs make in each picture and the backgrounds are all different. Like James Franco I believe taking a selfie can tell a lot about a person. 

No Phone Day

During my “home work assignment” of going without my phone was quite difficult for me. Not being able to be in contact with the social media world for a day straight was so hard. I had no choice but not to have my phone since I cracked my screen and gave it to the iHospital for the night. Not having my phone to use as my GPS and not being able to get in contact with my friends was the hardest part. Many cellphone owners believe that mobile phones have made it a lot easier to stay in touch with people. Also it makes it a lot easier to plan your daily routine, and to keep busy while waiting in line for you coffee. When I didn’t have my phone on me I gave people my undivided attention, I could focus on a task without getting distracted. I wouldn’t want to go without my phone again, its saves so much time and gives me all the information I need.